Apple Acquires a Majority of Smartphone Brand Switchers, iPhone 13 Sales Still Strong

When it comes to users moving between two smartphone brands, Apple has the lead. According to new information from US carrier channels, 73 percent of representatives declared the Cupertino-based tech giant obtains the most switchers, while South Korean brand Samsung receives just 16 percent.

43 percent of participants indicated they would change from Android to iOS based on software, while 51 percent said the total rate of moving between the two operating systems was nearly even. Only 5 percent prefer Android over iOS. This suggests that Apple is collecting the lion’s share of smartphone brand switchers. AT&T had a 66 percent market share, Verizon had a 60 percent market share, and T-Mobile had a 57 percent market share. This is thought to represent an improvement over past years.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro series, which were released in October of last year, are still great progress from previous generations of Apple’s devices. Unfortunately, the sales figures are yet unclear. The iPhone 13 was the top model across all carrier channels in May, with a 25 percent share, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max (16 percent) and iPhone 13 Pro (13 percent). The iPhone 13 Mini had a 2 percent market share, whereas other iPhones had a 4 percent share. Carrier officials also said that sales of the iPhone SE 3 were disappointing.

Apple’s next-generation flagship iPhone 14 series is likely to be released in September of this year.

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