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Apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro will work with the old Magic Keyboard


Apple also explained the functionality of the magic keyboard with the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro in a new supporting document released on 29th April 2021. The manufacturer now says that the magic keybo ard of the first version is “functionally compatibility with,” but cannot “precisely align when locked” with the latest apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Due to the latest mini-LED display technology, the new iPad Pro is 0.5 mm thicker than its predecessor. As Apple explains, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro isn’t exactly right on the old Magic Keyboard with this variation in thickness. The company also informs against the possible fitness impact of screen protectors.

However, Apple writes in the support report that the original Magic Keyboard would have “functional compatibility” with the latest 12.9″ iPad Pro regardless of small dimensional variations.

Apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro Features / Specifications

Apple says, the apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro works with the old magic keyboard but "can't fit when closed down", features, specifications

“The latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th generation) features a Liquid Retina XDR screen compatible in function with the first generation of the Magic Keyboard (A1998). Because this new iPad Pro is slightly thicker, it is possible to prevent the Magic Keyboard from fitting exactly when closed, especially when screen bars are applied.”

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The first-generation 12.9-inch Magic Keyboard, model no. A1998 was announced after previous reports did not match for the latest apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro 5th generation. Despite the possible fit problems, it was speculated that the two will work together and that proof can be obtained from the support document of Apple.


The updated 11-inch Magic Keyboard’s dimensions remain constant and operate according to the original Magic Keyboard.

Tomorrow morning, at 5:00 A.M. PT/8:00 A.M. ET, new iPad Pro models and a new magic keyboard will be on offer. On both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro versions, the latest Magic Keyboard will be available in white for the first time.


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Apple new 12.9-inch iPad Pro will work with the old Magic Keyboard
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