Apple Watch Rugged Edition will cost around $999 which is the same as iPhone 13 Pro

Along with the upcoming release of the iPhone 14 series phones, Apple is also set to release its lineup of Apple Watches. Along with the Watch Series 8 and Watch SE, the company is likely to release a rugged version of the smartwatch.

A recent report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the Power On newsletter has disclosed price details for the upcoming Apple Watch Pro Rugged Edition.

According to the rumor, the upcoming rugged version of the Apple Watch will cost around $999 which is comparable to the beginning price of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro. The Watch Edition, which is currently priced at $849, is expected to be pulled out following the release of this rugged version.

According to sources, the Apple Watch rugged edition would have a 2-inch display and a 46mm or 47mm case. In comparison to the Watch Series 8’s reported 1.9-inch screen, the wearable device’s display is now around 7% larger.

The screen resolution of the shatter-proof panel is expected to be 410 x 502 pixels. It will run the newest watchOS 9 operating system and will have more activity tracking features as well as software upgrades.

In addition, Samsung is developing a high-end smartwatch with a titanium casing, a temperature sensor, a sapphire display, and a battery with higher ability. It will be interesting to see which of these two smartwatches wins the top ranking.

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