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Blackberry Smartphone with a 3D Keyboard Display Concept


A little background information before we look at the initial renderings. What is BlackBerry’s status? In a press conference issued midway through last year, OnwardMobility, the new BlackBerry smartphone licensee, stated that a BlackBerry 5G smartphone with a physical keyboard was in development. According to the message, the new BlackBerry phone with Android OS would be available in North America and Europe in the first half of 2021.

The second half of the year has come, and OnwardMobility has remained rather quiet. Nothing is known about the BlackBerry phone that is currently being developed.

Except, as OnWardmobility’s CEO stated in an interview in March of this year, the gadget would be packed with a first-class camera. This prompted Concept Creator to create a series of renderings of the expected BlackBerry 5G smartphone at the time.


As Sam tipped @RahulP2021 on Twitter, graphic designer Niel D from Guangzhou, China, is exhibiting a new BlackBerry design at Behance called the New B Berry. Behance is a design-focused social networking platform that has been a part of Adobe Systems since 2012. Adobe Systems is best known for its Photoshop and Acrobat Reader software (PDF).

[Smartphone News] BlackBerry smartphone with display keyboard

Display Keyboard is Visible in a Blackberry Smartphone

The smartphone has the same round top and bottom shape seen on previous BlackBerry devices, such as the famous BlackBerry Bold. The iPhone 12 series’ straight frame borders, along with the buttonless design and relatively small screen edges, give this BlackBerry a very futuristic and contemporary appearance.


BlackBerry should reconsider the utility of a full keyboard, according to the designer. The concept smartphone has a QWERTY keyboard, however, it is missing special characters. This enables the buttons to be displayed at a larger size, which improves typing comfort.


It is a display keyboard that, depending on the application, may display various types of information. It should also be possible to display an emoticon-filled ‘Expression’ display keyboard. Music control, accept/reject an incoming call, and navigation is among the other options shown by Neil D’s 3D renders.

When you use a display keyboard, you always have a keyboard at your fingers when you need it, but it takes up no additional space when you don’t.

[news] Blackberry Smartphone: Display Keyboard concept, images, photos, Processor, Display, Camera, Battery

The rear is made of Frosted Glass, with a matte gold back panel and a black ‘New B Berry’ logo chosen by the designer. It’s a stunning mix, especially with the gold keyboard letters and black keys.

A single-camera, which is rather big in design, is located in the upper left corner. A small round LED flash is placed below the camera. Selfies will be taken with a centrally located punch-hole camera. Finally, on the bottom, there is a USB Type-C port.



Now that TCL is no longer the BlackBerry mobile licensee, the issue is which design and functionality philosophy OnWardMobility will follow. Furthermore, the present status of BlackBerry’s first 5G smartphone remains unknown. Hopefully, the company will be able to give additional information in the near future, or even better, come up with an official announcement in the heat of the moment.

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Blackberry Smartphone with a 3D Keyboard Display Concept
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