Chrome OS 103 Update Brings Better Integration With Your Android Phone

Google has recently launched the most recent Chrome OS update for Chromebooks, which includes several new features for seamless integration and convenience. So, let’s have a look at them.

The first new feature of the Chrome OS 103 update is a tweak to the Phone Hub. The Phone Hub, as we all know, is a built-in main controller that allows you to react to text messages, check your phone’s battery, enable tethering, and more. It may now fetch recently clicked pictures directly from your Android smartphone to your Chromebook.

Chrome OS 103 update image 1

This will make things easier when you need to quickly snap a photo to send to an email. The best aspect is that this feature does not require users to be connected to the internet.

The ability to securely connect your Chromebook to any WiFi network you’ve stored on your smartphone without the need for a password is the second key feature in this release. It works with Chrome OS’s Nearby Transfer feature, which also allows users to share music, photos, and other information between Chromebooks and Android devices.

Chrome OS 103 update image 2

To test out this new feature, go to your Android phone’s internet settings page and pick “Wi-Fi network” and “Share.” Then, under the QR code, hit the “Nearby” tile and choose the Chromebook you wish to connect to the internet. The Chromebook will immediately connect to the Wi-Fi when Nearby Share sends the Wi-Fi credentials (i.e., the network name and password).

Chrome OS 103 update image 3

Google has also revealed that Chromebooks will soon be able to easily link with headphones or other relevant devices using Google’s Fast Pair technology. When a new pair of Bluetooth headphones is available, a notification will appear on the Chromebook’s screen asking the user if they wish to link with this device. This feature will be available later this summer.

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