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Google Was Punished By $593 Million in France for Copyright Violations


France’s anti-trust regulator banned the tech giant Google by around $593 million and provided the company with ideas for two months for paying or punishing publishers.

The regulator stated in a statement that Google failed to comply with different patterns relating to the discussions between the tech company and French news publishers. “When the regulator sets requirements on a company, it must strictly comply with it both in its own spirit and in its own letter, said Isabelle de Silva, Director of the Antitrust Agency. Unfortunately, that was not the case in this situation.”

According to France’s Competition Authority, Google violated an April 2020 ruling that required the company to negotiate “in good faith” license arrangements with publishers and news organizations for any reproduction of copyrighted content.


The IT giant was fined €500 million ($593 million) for failing to comply. If Google does not make compensation offers to publishers during the next two months, it would risk further penalties of up to €900,000 ($1.1 million) each day.

It is the biggest fine ever issued by France’s competition watchdog for a company’s failure to follow one of its judgments. It’s the latest twist in a long-running legal fight between tech giants like Google and Facebook and news publishers.


Google said that it was “very dissatisfied” with the decision taken on Tuesday. The company’s official said, “We have worked in good faith throughout the whole process.” The fine disregard our efforts to negotiate an agreement, as well as the reality of how news works on our platforms. Google is the only company that has disclosed agreements on surrounding rights so far. We are also ready to complete a deal with AFP that includes a global license agreement as well as consideration for their surrounding rights for their press publications.”


Google agreed to a big tech copyright arrangement with French publishers earlier this year, in January. As part of the agreement, it would negotiate individual contracts for rights and access to a new service called News Showcase with members of France’s press alliance.

However, France’s competition commission disapproved, saying that it did not contain a debate on payment for existing uses of content protected by “neighboring rights” for the press. It further said that Google limited the breadth of its discussions with the media by refusing to allow the use of press pictures.

In 2019, the European Union revised its copyright rules, making platforms liable for copyright infringements committed by its users. In addition, the new regulations allow search engines and social media platforms to split income with publishers when their content is displayed.

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Google Was Punished By $593 Million in France for Copyright Violations
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