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Nokia Patented a Rotating Camera that Follows the Audio Source


Nokia Patented a Rotating Camera: Most smartphones nowadays are very identical in appearance and contain comparable features such as high refresh rate screens, with smartphone makers attempting to persuade the public that an Android device with a huge 12GB of RAM is required when 8GB is sufficient.

It’s significantly worse because of mobile imaging. Camera options became quite gimmicky, and “the need” was no longer properly considered in preference of the still “Quad Camera” branding.

Nokia Corporation has filed a new patent for a sort of camera configuration we’ve never seen before — a 360° revolving camera that follows the direction of the audio source — in an attempt to show that this should never be the case, at least on paper.

Nokia Corporation submitted the new patent, “Rotating Camera and Microphone Configurations” (Application Number 1919060.2), on December 15, 2020, but it was just recently released on the USPTO database.

[Latest News] Nokia Patented a Rotating Camera that Follows  the Audio Source, A 360° rotating deck which houses a camera module
A 360° rotating deck which houses a camera module image

A revolving deck on top of the gadget is how the technology works. A camera module is located on the deck’s edge, either to the left or right and rotates whenever the audio source is recognized.



This works similarly to Apple’s Center Stage in terms of automatic picture framing modifications, however, it can frame images in 360° directions and uses a microphone array to collect spatial audio and triangulate the audio source for perfect image framing.

Imagine conducting an interview with two or more people, with the device mounted on the tripod framing the camera for you and recording realistic object-based spatial audio.

This is one of Nokia’s more strange yet exciting concepts, and it has a large market with millions of content creators all around the world.


However, we may or may not be able to see this technology being approved in the future.

The Nokia Corporation, not HMD’s Nokia Mobile, is featured here. That implies we may never see this technology implemented unless HMD or another make devices license it.



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Nokia Patented a Rotating Camera that Follows the Audio Source
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