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Oppo Triple Foldable Phone, Concept smartphone, Coming Soon

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The Oppo company is currently working on a tremendous foldable smartphone, this phone will be an Oppo triple foldable phone. But we have not yet seen any official announcement from the company.

But now it is important to see what the company officially names its new upcoming smartphone. We feel that the Oppo triple foldable phone will be much better and better than all other smartphones.

And the company is preparing this mobile phone in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. And Oppo can call it by another new name, which can be named Oppo Slide-Phone.

You and we can easily fit this Oppo triple foldable phone in the palm of your hand. If this phone is slipped one time, then its screen is seen up to 1.5 inches.

Which is enough for checking the information or accessing a music player or answering phone calls and so on.


Apart from this, when we slipped the phone for the second time, its display can be seen up to 3.15 inches. Which is enough for some photos and some casual gaming.

And if we open this smartphone completely, then you get to see a 7-inch screen with narrow bezels, which will be a full screen of this phone.

Although the form factor of this phone is unusually long, it can be quite good for multitasking, especially in landscape orientation.

If we look at some specifications of the Oppo triple foldable phone, then we get to see three camera sensors in the outer shell with LED flash in it.

We feel that the company is putting a lot of highlight on the design of this phone. Therefore, the company has not revealed many specs.


This time we will be able to see this Oppo triple foldable phone of Oppo with a very impressive design in the future.

If we talk about the launch date of this phone, then Oppo’s triple foldable smartphone can be launched in February or March 2021.

Earlier, Oppo released an Oppo X 2021 concept smartphone. Now it remains to be seen when the Oppo company launches its new upcoming Oppo triple foldable phone.

But whenever this smartphone will be launched, we will tell you. But let us tell you that all the information related to this smartphone, which has been told on this page, has been told only on the basis of leaks and rumors.

Apart from this, we will continue to give you more information related to this mobile phone. So, you remain connected with us so that no news is left out of you.


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Oppo Triple Foldable Phone Specifications (specs) Leaked (Expected)

ModelNot specified
On-screen for the first time1.5 inches
Screen slightly open3.15 inches
Full screen7-inch
StatusUpcoming (Rumored)
Expected Launch DateFeb. / March, 2021

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