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PUBG New State has got more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store so far

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A few days after its release, PUBG New State had over 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store. PUBG New State, like BGMI and PUBG Mobile, is on set to become one of the most popular mobile battle royale games. The huge downloads figures of PUBG New State on Android are excellent news for Krafton after a rough start.

On November 11th, 2021, PUBG New State was released worldwide on Android and iOS devices. The game was a huge hit both before and after its release. In October, PUBG: New State has over 40 million pre-registrations, proving that fans had been excitedly awaiting the game.

PUBG: New State has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store just days after its official launch. This is amazing news for Krafton after a rough start. Many games provide rewards to players who reach a certain number of downloads. Players in PUBG: New State may also enjoy some free rewards, but Krafton hasn’t made any public announcements regarding this yet.

Players who have downloaded PUBG: New State are already eligible for a number of launch rewards. Takion TR1 vehicle design, New State Icon Profile, 10 Chicken Medals, and a New State Profile Frame are all available for free to players. In addition, players may win additional rewards by participating in a number of in-game activities.

Video Source: PUBG: NEW STATE YouTube Channel

PUBG New State, like PUBG Mobile and BGMI, has gained in popularity in a short period of time. Because both BGMI and PUBG New State are available on Android and iOS, it’s unclear which game will attract more players in the future. Due to a lack of information in PUBG New State, many players may be attracted to BGMI. In the following months, Krafton will add additional features to PUBG New State.

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