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REDMAGIC 7 gaming phone appears on Bluetooth certification site, will launch soon

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The REDMAGIC 7 is the new release of nubia’s REDMAGIC series of gaming smartphones in the process. The REDMAGIC 7 and REDMAGIC 7 Pro are expected to be part of the next-generation lineup. Although no official release date has been set, one of the devices has received Bluetooth SIG certification, assuming that it will be available soon.

The device model number NX679J has appeared on Bluetooth SIG, verifying the REDMAGIC 7’s identity. Besides the information that it supports the newest Bluetooth 5.2 standard and 5G, the listing doesn’t tell much about the smartphone.

Apart from that, little is known about it, as this is probably the first time the smartphone has been spotted online. However, now that it’s been revealed, nubia should be teasing additional details in the coming days.

REDMAGIC 7 (NX679J): gaming phone appears on Bluetooth certification site, Launch Expected Soon, image, picture, pics, photo

However, nubia is known for using Qualcomm’s most recent and best for its REDMAGIC series. After all, this is a gamer-oriented series. In a conclusion, it’s quite possible that the REDMAGIC 7 will come with Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor (formerly touted to be Snapdragon 898). The chip will be made using a 4nm fabrication and will be a flagship product. It will be linked with the Adreno 780 Graphics and will have 1x Cortex-X2 @ 3.0GHz core, 3x 2.50GHz cores, and 4x 1.79GHz cores.

Furthermore, based on the existing REDMAGIC 6S, the REDMAGIC 7 is expected to include an industry-leading 165Hz OLED display and 16GB of RAM. The current model also has a triple-camera array with a 64MP primary, and it’s probable that the REDMAGIC 7 will have the same setup. Fast charging at 120W is also expected.

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