Two women who were targets of Apple AirTag-related stalking

Although the Apple AirTag was designed to improve quality of life, there have already been a number of situations when it has been misused. Currently, it appears that two women are challenging the company for the problems they had with this tracking product.

Two women who were the targets of Apple AirTag-related stalking have filed a complaint against the Cupertino-based company. Smart tracking technology has been used to trace victims and even vehicle thieves and others since its release. Apple has made many attempts to resolve this problem, yet criminals continue to misuse it.

Following their previous partners’ use of the Apple AirTag to identify them, two women have this time filed a complaint. The device was claimed used to track the two victims, and the company “did little, if anything, to immediately alert users if they are being tracked,” according to the complaint filing.

One of the women who was affected by this incident said that her ex-boyfriend had put an Apple AirTag in the wheel of her car and used that information to locate her location. Then, this guy offended her using the current location. The other woman registered a case after her husband put an AirTag in her child’s bag in order to track her.

As a result, the two women have filed a claim against the iPhone manufacturer, accusing it of releasing a risky product and looking to find an unknown amount in actual damages.



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