Upcoming Vivo NEX series model numbers revealed on Weibo

For months, Vivo has been expected to be releasing the new models in the Vivo NEX series. We’ve mostly just heard about the expected specifications. However, the actual model numbers of smartphones have been revealed for the first time.

Vivo will release three new Vivo NEX smartphones, according to Panda is bald on Weibo. One will be foldable, another will be a standard model, and the third will be a limited-edition model.

The following model numbers are thought to be associated with these smartphones.

Upcoming Model Numbers of Vivo NEX series:

  • Vivo NEX Fold – V2178A
  • Vivo NEX Standard Edition – V2087A
  • Vivo NEX Special Edition – V2170DA

Various rumors have appeared regarding the specifications of the upcoming Vivo NEX phones. However, we do not believe they are correct. In some cases, one thing is certain to some point. At least one of these three phones should be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which was previously known as Snapdragon 898.

We expected these smartphones to be approved in the coming days now that their model numbers have been released. As a result, we should learn more about them and not in the future.

What are your expectations for the Vivo NEX series’ future generation? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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