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Vivo patents phone with “expandable display” like Oppo X2021


Vivo, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, continues its innovative trend by obtaining a design for a smartphone with an expandable display.

According to a report published by 91mobiles earlier today, the future of smartphones may not be foldable, but sliding, as indicated by the first look at a patent submitted by Vivo at the World Intellectual Property Organization in May 2021. On December 2nd, 2021, the patent was released, and it contains pictures of the sliding concept.

  • Vivo expandable display smartphone image 3
  • Vivo expandable display smartphone image 1
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According to the patent designs, the smartphone will have an expandable display that would stretch from right to left, giving the user extra screen real estate. When not in use, the Vivo expandable smartphone stretches from the right spine and clips back. When the smartphone is pressed, it has a motor that instantly pulls out the screen. The screen may be manually extended via touch or a physical trigger, but certain activities, such as accessing the back camera, might automatically trigger this response because the triple camera module is visible on the left side of the smartphone. When the screen is stretched, it appears.

At the top is the speaker grille, and on the right is the USB Type-C port. For the selfie snapper, a punch-hole cutout has been provided at the front of the smartphone.

Vivo isn’t the only company to experiment with sliding smartphones; in 2021, Oppo released the Oppo X concept phone. However, there is currently no commercially available sliding phone.

It’s unclear when users will be able to see a working model of the Vivo sliding smartphone because it’s yet in the patent stage. So keep connected with us as we will provide updates when more information about this smartphone is released.


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