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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip is a cheaper variant of Samsung Z Flip


Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip: Xiaomi is working on a foldable clamshell smartphone featuring a dual selfie camera and a triple back camera. The cover screen has been removed.

Xiaomi revealed its first foldable smartphone in April. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold have a similar folding design. This year, the Chinese company is expected to reveal at least one, if not two, additional foldable phones. As we’ve seen with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Motorola RAZR 5G, one of the new smartphones will most likely be a clamshell variant. This device is referred to as the Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip for easy reference; however, no more information on the name is available.

PhoneSubjects has been covering such Xiaomi phones more often in the past several months. A patent for a flip phone with a pop-up camera was registered by a Chinese company near the end of 2019. The company also patented a clamshell variant with a small second display earlier this year. Xiaomi was awarded a patent today, and it appears to be for a model that is very inexpensive.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip: Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Features a Clamshell Design

The China National Intellectual Property Office (CNIPA) issued Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software a patent for a foldable phone featuring a clamshell design, a dual punch-hole camera, and a round-shaped triple camera on the rear in July 2nd, 2021.


The smartphone has available to customers. The screen edges are somewhat wider in the unfolded position than on ordinary Xiaomi phones — this is also true of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. In the upper left corner, a large hole has been made for a dual punch-hole selfie camera. This might suggest that Xiaomi is focusing this phone on successful young people.


This device does not appear to have a cover display, which is one of the reasons we expect it to be less expensive than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip. The back-side camera setup further suggests that this is a budget-friendly variant.

[News] Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip Foldable Smartphone: with triple rear camera patent image, picture, pics, Xiaomi foldable phone with clamshell design

A circular camera system with three camera lenses can be seen on the rear. This camera shares a lot of aesthetic elements with Xiaomi’s low-cost Redmi Note smartphone line, such as the Redmi Note 9t. Finally, the physical buttons on the right side, presumably the power and volume buttons, are revealed. The SIM card slot, a USB-C port, and a speaker are all located on the bottom.


For the time being, it is uncertain when the first Xiaomi clamshell phone will be released. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is set to launch in August, and it’s not out of the question that Xiaomi may launch the Mi Mix Flip around the same time. Because the Mi Mix Fold is now only available in China, it’s unclear when the new folding variant will be available in Europe.


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Xiaomi Mi Mix Flip is a cheaper variant of Samsung Z Flip
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