Xiaomi recently released “Pure Mode” on its MIUI in China, which is comparable to ColorOS “Security Check”

Xiaomi started to push beta testers for the “Pure Mode” available on the Chinese version of MIUI in September 2021. Xiaomi, on the other hand, did not provide an update on the status of “Pure Mode” development until recently. Xiaomi has silently rolled out “Pure Mode” functionality to its devices as of January 15th, 2022, although being first thought to be an MIUI user in China.

In a nutshell, MIUI’s “Pure Mode” helps protect your online security by stopping you from installing harmful apps from the Internet, similar to how Chinese ColorOS smartphones like Oppo, Realme, and OnePlus use a “security check.” However, you may now do so on your Xiaomi smartphone.

The implementation of ColorOS, on the other hand, scans the apps for malware after installation, but the implementation of MIUI is safer for the end-user: the app is installed after Xiaomi does a security check on the app.

The specs of “Pure Mode” may be found in the system menu, and when utilizing “Pure Mode,” four features stand out:

  1. Virus detection: To determine whether the app has any viruses, Trojan horses, or malware.
  2. Privacy detection: determining whether or not the app is accidentally collecting personal data without the user’s consent.
  3. To check compatibility: The app will be installed to determine whether it is compatible with the smartphone in order to avoid crashes or bugs.
  4. Manual Review: Apps that are accepted in Pure Mode are manually reviewed, installed, and tested by real users to ensure compatibility and security.

There are two ways to enable “Pure Mode” in MIUI.

Method 1: After opening the MIUI app installer, click “Settings” and then “Pure Mode,” and then hit the “Turn On Now” button to enable Pure Mode.

Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode User Interface
Xiaomi MIUI Pure Mode User Interface

Method 2: When installing an app that has not yet been reviewed by “Safe Mode,” click “Turn on Pure Mode” in the subsequent successful install popup to run a security check on the app.

When Pure Mode is enabled, apps that have not been manually reviewed by Xiaomi will be subjected to manual security tests to confirm that they match the “Pure Mode” specifications. If Xiaomi has considered the app to be secure, you may proceed to install it.

Users will not be able to install applications that have not yet been evaluated or are considered unsafe by Xiaomi. If you rely on an untested or potentially dangerous app, you can keep installing it even after you go to “Settings” > “Pure Mode” > “Authorize this Installation.”

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