Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Screen Woes: Samsung Pledges Fix

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The Galaxy S24 Ultra, known for its robust features, has gained immense popularity recently. Samsung, a brand recognized for high-quality screens, has notably enhanced the brightness of the S24 Ultra compared to its predecessor, the S23 Ultra. While the S23 Ultra boasted a screen brightness of 1750 nits, the S24 Ultra takes it up a notch with an impressive 2600 nits brightness. Additionally, the S24 Ultra introduces an anti-reflective screen protector to elevate color quality. Despite these advancements, some users have raised concerns about potential display issues.

User Reports on Reddit:

According to several Reddit users, there seems to be a problem with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s display. Users claim that the screen lacks the expected brightness, and colors appear distorted. Interestingly, this issue extends beyond the S24 Ultra and affects the Galaxy S24 and S24+ as well. The problem becomes particularly noticeable when the vivid mode in settings is activated.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Display settings image
Samsung Galaxy S24 Display settings

Specifics of the Display Issue:

Reports suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen fails to provide sufficient brightness and accurate color representation, resulting in distorted colors on the home screen and within apps. It’s important to note that this issue doesn’t seem to be a hardware defect, as, during video playback, the display reportedly functions as expected.

Forbes’ Insight:

Forbes has shed light on Samsung’s awareness of the issue. An online chat screenshot between a user and a Samsung employee indicates that the company is actively working on resolving the problem. When questioned about the timeline for a solution, Samsung couldn’t provide a specific timeframe. The response suggested that the development team is committed to addressing the matter promptly, urging users to keep their devices connected to Wi-Fi for automatic software updates.


While the Galaxy S24 Ultra impresses with its enhanced features, users have reported display concerns, specifically related to brightness and color accuracy. Samsung acknowledges the issue and assures users that a software update is in the works, although a specific timeline is not provided. Patience is requested from users as Samsung’s development team strives to rectify the display issues promptly.


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