10 helpful iPhone tips reveal in a new Apple Support video

Apple has just released a new video to help iPhone users better understand their devices.

iPhone includes 5-minute video descriptions of ’10 Helpful iPhone Tips’ that users may not be aware of. It covers several of the new features in iOS 15, such as the ability to copy and paste real-world text from the camera app and use touch and hold gestures to pin content to messages.

By going to Settings, Keyboard, and then ‘Text Replacement,’ and scanning the documents in the Notes app, you can replace the text. The home screen’s search and Siri features, as well as the way the home screen widgets are stacked, are all covered. The video goes over a few photo import options as well as how to activate the Camera app from the iPhone lock screen.

Those looking to learn more about 10 iPhone tips and tricks may watch the whole video on the official Apple YouTube channel.

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