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Samsung Galaxy Buddy, Galaxy F42 5G, Galaxy Wide5 spotted on Bluetooth SIG


Samsung Galaxy Buddy, Galaxy F42 5G, Galaxy Wide5: Bluetooth SIG has validated three new upcoming Samsung cheap 5G smartphones. The devices’ certification indicates that they are the same phone with various names. Let’s take a look at what kind of phone they’re using.

Samsung launched the Galaxy A22 5G with the Galaxy A22 4G version earlier this month. The Galaxy F22 LTE variant was just approved by Bluetooth SIG. The 5G version has now been listed by the same certification agency under 3 different names a few days later.

[News] Samsung Galaxy Buddy, Galaxy F42, Galaxy Wide5: images, photos, Processor, Display, Camera, Battery, Price, Expected Launch Date in India

The Galaxy A22 5G will also be available as Galaxy Buddy (SM-A226L), Galaxy F42 5G, and Galaxy Wide5 (SM-E426S), according to the latest Bluetooth certification (via SamMobile) (SM-E426B). The first two models appear to be exclusive to a single carrier or region based on their names.


For those who are unaware, Samsung introduced a smartphone with a similar name called Galaxy Jump in South Korea only last month. This phone is little more than a red-colored rebranded Galaxy A32 5G. As a result, the Galaxy Buddy and Galaxy Wide5 may have a unique paint job instead of the standard Galaxy A22 5G colors.

The Galaxy F42 5G, on the other hand, might make its debut in places like India, where the Galaxy F series is exclusive to Flipkart, one of the country’s two major online retailers.


Unfortunately, there is no information on when these three smartphones will be released. In any case, we anticipate there being official sooner rather than later.

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Samsung Galaxy Buddy, Galaxy F42 5G, Galaxy Wide5 spotted on Bluetooth SIG
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