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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G 2019, Price in India, Review, Specs


The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone was launched in February 2019. This phone comes with a 7.30-inch touchscreen primary display, which has a resolution of 1536×2152 pixels. 

It also has a 4.60-inch touchscreen as its second display, which has a resolution of 840×1960 pixels.

And friends, this smartphone is powered by an octa-core processor. And also this phone comes with 12 GB RAM. 

Samsung Galaxy Fold runs on Android Pie and this phone is powered by a 4,380mAh battery. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fold supports Quick Charging 2.0 as well as wireless charging.

As far as cameras are concerned, the Samsung Galaxy Fold packs a 16-megapixel primary camera with an f / F2.2 aperture on the rear: a second 12-megapixel camera with f / F1.5 / F2.4 aperture and Third 12-megapixel camera with f / F2.4 aperture. 

It offers a 10-megapixel camera at the front for a selfie with f / F2.2 aperture.

Samsung packs Galaxy Fold and 512GB inbuilt storage based on Android Pie. Connectivity options on the Samsung Galaxy fold include USB Type-C, wifi, and GPS.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G 2019 Expected Market Price(Cost) | Launch(Release) Date | color(s) In India

The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold in India starts at around ₹ 1,64,999 till 20 October 2019.

It was launched in Space Sliver, Cosmos Black and Martian Green and Astro Blue Rango Colors.

Galaxy Fold 5G 2019 Full Features | Specifications

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Samsung galaxy fold 5g review | full price | features | specification | in india


Screen size (inches) 7.30
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 1536×2152 pixels


Screen size (inches) 4.60
Touchscreen Yes
Resolution 840×1960 pixels


Rear camera 16-megapixel (f/F2.2) + 12-megapixel (f/F1.5/F2.4) + 12-megapixel (f/F2.4)
Front camera 10-megapixel (f/F2.2)


Operating system Android Pie


Brand Samsung
Model Galaxy Fold
Release date February 2019
Battery capacity (mAh) 4,380
Fast charging Quick Charge 2.0
Wireless charging Yes
Colors Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue


Processor octa-core
Internal storage 512GB


Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
USB Type-C Yes

Disclaimer: The price and release date of this product shown may be different from the actual product. We can’t guarantee that the above information is 100% correct.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Foldable | Design | Durability

The arrival of this smartphone gives you the opportunity to own the future of 2 to 1 design smartphones and tablets, which is understandable only when the branded screen technology is intact.

It covers a long narrow 4.6-inch cover, which has a plastic back inside, with a folded mini tablet on the back, such as a 7.3-inch main display. Samsung calls it the Infinity Flex Display, and its design really dazzles.

The key to the foldable design, like the Galaxy Fold book, is a 20 part, dual-axis locking hinge that prevents the display from running for more than 180 degrees. 

While the screen is delicate and the hinge feels like it has been carefully engineered to withstand abuse.

Opening and closing this phone feels buttery smooth and closing it ends with a satisfying magnetic click as you’ve just closed a book. The Galaxy Fold in its folded state is 17.1 mm thick and weighs 276 grams. 

It is narrow though you think, and despite its thickness, it is not difficult to slip into a pocket of jeans. It will also fit in tight yet dark jacket pockets that may not fit in other phones. 

However, by avoiding the fact that it will look like you are packing two phones back to back.

Unfolded it is a reasonable 7.6 mm thick. You’ll find the right side and a fingerprint sensor, power / Bixby key, and volume rocker, and two speakers above and below. 

These powerful Dolby Atmos stereo speakers can easily be covered when you are playing games on this smartphone or even watching videos in landscape orientation. 

The all-glass design covers the exterior of the phone when it is closed.

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Galaxy Fold 2019 (Phone) Screen (Display) Review
  • The side is a 7.3-inch main display and the outside is a 3.6-inch cover display.
  • Reading, browsing, and gaming look great in the ratio of 4.2: 3.
  • Most films have letterboxed in 16: 9 aspect ratio.
  • Great HDR10 + and brightness not great: mid crease and sky fresh rate.

Apart from the mesmerizing foldable design, the main display is impressive with only a few technical cavities, reflecting the cutting edge and obvious flaws.

The 7.3-inch display makes web browsing 1.4 times larger than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, and when videos and games take full screen 2. It can appear up to 2 times larger. 

This is the reason for owning a foldable phone. I wish most videos would be only 1.3 times larger than the traditional 16: 9 aspect ratio, with large black letterboxing at the top and bottom.

Samsung has launched the Galaxy Fold with the HDR10 +, which increases the contrast ratio on supported video content, making it brighter enough to be solidly externally bright. 

You will find that the glow actually shines in the middle crease, a light indoors or out, and you can feel the groove. The good news is like a scar your brain will ignore it in time.

Hard to ignore is the uneven fresh rate. Scroll through the text filled webpage and you will notice the words moving unevenly on the 7.3-inch display. 

Samsung displays the best phones, so it is a compromise that we did not expect. Its bezel heavy 4.6-inch cover display also screams First Life product. 

Yes, the foldable future is great but there are some obvious pain points you should know about.

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  • Continuity allows you to easily transition between screens.
  • The multi-active window allows you to open 3 apps at once.

Samsung’s folder hardware is only half of the story. Its software has been made responsive to the transition from small phone screens to large tablet screens, and the app does quite well with a feature called Continuity.

Samsung says that the possibilities are endless with multi-active windows. This is true if Endless is defined by 3 active apps at once.

Sadly, not all apps, including Hangout Meet, work in multi-active window mode, and the Samsung Galaxy fold for building apps is not strange.

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Galaxy Fold Smartphone(mobile) Full Performance Review

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is not advancing the performance of the current phone as if it were gaming out gaming desktop at an absurd price. 

You are paying for screen innovation, not for the latest chipset. It has stated that it matches the display numbers of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 for use with the Snapdragons 855 chipset.

It is true that Samsung could have opted to include the higher Snapdragon 855 Plus, but it stuck in April with the announced configuration. 

More importantly, it has 12GB of RAM, which gives it a higher yield when opening multiple apps.

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New Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera(s) Review
  • 1 cover display camera, 2 inner wheeler front cameras, 3 rear cameras.
  • Overall quality is very similar to Galaxy S10 Plus.
  • Great photos with fun filters, though not the best camera.

There are six Samsung Galaxy fold cameras, The Cover Display features a single 10MP selfie camera with an f2.2 aperture, a pixel size of 1.22 microns and an 80-degree field of view. 

It has the same configuration as the Note 10 front camera, only it cannot shoot live focus video.

On the inside, the dual front camera has the same 10MP selfie camera and 8MP RGB camera (f1.9, 1.12 micron and 85-degree FoV)

The latter is for depth sensing and comes from the S10 Plus dual camera hole punch (the S10 + version is only a hair wider with 90-degree foam).

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Samsung Galaxy Fold : Battery Review
  • Two super-sized 4,380mAh batteries.
  • Superfast charging is not compatible like the Note 10 series.

It has the largest battery capacity of 4,380mAh from Samsung and therefore it has a 7.3-inch display.

The life of a folded battery varies widely depending on the two screens you use and for how long. You can come with more battery life than Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Samsung’s super-fast charging is the one thing we are missing and it is important for a phone with such a large battery. 

It comes with the Galaxy S10 era 15W charger, but the 25W charger included with the Note 10 series and the optional 45W charger is simply not absent; They are also not compatible and this big phone did not benefit.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G 2019, Price in India, Review, Specs
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