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T-Mobile Provides the Fastest 5G with the Highest Available Speeds in the US


According to an industry survey, T-Mobile is the top mobile provider in terms of 5G download speed and availability in the United States (US).

The iPhone 12 series supports 5G speeds, which is a major selling factor for the handsets. When ideal conditions are fulfilled, high-bandwidth wireless technology enables near gigabit internet speeds.

T-Mobile has been exceeding other carriers in terms of download speed and availability across the US, according to Opensignal research published by 9to5Mac. T-Mobile users, on the other hand, rarely use the better mmWave 5G technology.

T-Mobile Succeeds in Categories Affecting more Regular Users

[5G news] T-Mobile succeeds in categories affecting more regular users
Image Credit: Opensignal [T-Mobile wins out in categories that affect more average users]

While T-Mobile had a greater percentage of consumers connecting to 5G with faster speeds when connected, the survey found that alternative services may provide more experiences. Despite the capacity and availability of T-Mobile 5G, Verizon and AT&T were rated as having a better phone, video, and gaming experiences than TMobile.

[Today Exclusive News] Download and upload speed results provided by Opensignal
Image Credit: Opensignal [Download and upload speed results]

TMobile download’s speed increased to 87.5 Mbps from 71.3 Mbps in April’s report. When using the more generally available sub-6GHz 5G service, these speeds are predicted, whereas mmWave 5G will provide connections closer to gigabit speeds in ideal conditions.



TMobile averaged 312 Mbps in the mmWave 5G speed test, while Verizon nearly exceeded that at 618.4 Mbps. The availability of mmWave 5G is highly dependent on event venues such as sports stadiums or conference halls.

As a result of this availability constraint, only around 0.2 percent of TMobile users connected to mmWave 5G during the quarter. As a result, the availability and speed of sub-6GHz 5G will be more significant to the ordinary user — which are TMobile’s strengths.


T-Mobile and Sprint combined in order to compete with Verizon and AT&T. So far, the initiative appears to be paying off, as it continues to grow availability and download speed faster than its competitors.

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T-Mobile Provides the Fastest 5G with the Highest Available Speeds in the US
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