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Upcoming Xiaomi Foldable will come with Snapdragon 888 in Q4


Upcoming Xiaomi Foldable: Xiaomi released its first foldable smartphone in March, and leakers believe the company is already working on a successor. According to one report, the new smartphone would continue to use a Snapdragon 888 Processor, a 5,000 mAh battery, and a 108MP camera, but will have a better hinge.

The upcoming Mi Mix Fold’s whole internal structure is already being tested. The foldable itself will have an inward hinge and two displays: one large on the inside, made by Samsung and with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and a smaller one on the outside with a refresh rate of 90Hz, manufactured by Visionox.

Upcoming Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone Images

[News] Current (Xiaomi Foldable) Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold: Images, Pictures, pics, photos


There are many unknowns about the upcoming Mi Mix Fold smartphone, such as the cameras, memory choices, and MIUI version. More importantly, will the new phone escape China, or will it continents to the domestic market, as the present Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold has?

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Upcoming Xiaomi Foldable will come with Snapdragon 888 in Q4
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